April 15, 2019 – While others in the U.S. may have been running to the post office to postmark their taxes, our son Ky and his lovely wife Hannah rushed to the hospital to deliver their first child (and our first grandbaby!) His name is Ryker Lorin Kartchner and he’s perfect!

Hannah came into the birthing center at 5 am, dilated to a 5 and 100% effaced. Hannah’s mom, my good friend Sharon, stayed with them through the birth and took his first pictures since we were ten minutes away from the hospital.  He was immediately sent to the NICU because he was having breathing problems (water still on his lungs). One of my favorite pictures of the day is of Hannah being wheeled into the NICU to see him! That girl is a trooper – loves her baby so much!

In the meantime, Monday was P-Day in missionary land – that’s preparation day for our son who is serving a church mission. Most providently, the one day he could freely call the fam through messenger was the day Ryker decided to come! My second favorite picture is of our family on the call to meet little Rykie: our daughter Gentri at recess with her school class, our son-in-law Nic home sick in bed, Kaden in Colorado Springs at his apartment, Kaden’s girlfriend Morg at home, and Morg’s mom on a break at school, too. And then me, Lorin and Mattie with Hannah’s mom and dad, her sister Grace and her sister Shaylee. A whole lot of happy amidst the stress!

Today little Rykie is still in the NICU … but he’s off the IV, eating well, and hopefully going home tomorrow with his parents with some oxygen for a few days to keep his levels up. It’s been so fun to see Ky and Hannah instinctively love on their little guy, and it’s also been so awesome to see how the staff has taken the time to reassure them, teach them, and help them be prepared to take over when they bring him home. I am so grateful for everyone who is such a positive part of their lives!

Welcome, Baby Ryker! We love you!

ky & kannah


Ky & Hannah, our son and daughter-in-law. I remember when they were first dating, they jokingly said their “couple name” was Kyannah. Would they, will they, name a little girl this name? I guess we won’t know for awhile, since they are having a boy, and his name is … Ryker.