Portrait Session | Annamatele is 18 | Ogden, Utah


Ogden Union Station & Bus Terminal

This is my gorgeous daughter who just turned 18. She is so beautiful, inside and out! I love these portraits, and so does she, but she will be most happy when the Elvin ears she and her dad are creating are finished and she gets to transform into an Elvin maiden/princess for an epic photo shoot. Always been a dream of this Lord of the Rings fan (as is traveling to New Zealand...)

I love how unintentionally I got the reflection of the caboose in the windows. Purty cool.


Hello, and welcome to the blog! I’m Deniane (pronounced Denny-Ann) Kartchner. I’m a lifestyle portrait, event, and commercial photographer based in northern Utah – I capture milestones for families and individuals and help organizations and entrepreneurs showcase what they do!

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ky & kannah


Ky & Hannah, our son and daughter-in-law. I remember when they were first dating, they jokingly said their “couple name” was Kyannah. Would they, will they, name a little girl this name? I guess we won’t know for awhile, since they are having a boy, and his name is … Ryker.