Life is like a Camera. Focus on What’s important.

welcome to kartchner photography

Hi, I’m Deniane (pronounced Denny-Ann). Welcome to Kartchner Photography! I started photographing people when I was eight years old and got my first basic point-and-shoot film camera. I’m grateful I was interested because many of the photographs I took are some of the only photos my family has from those early years!  We can easily miss the wonders of the world or forget life’s important moments if we don’t gather them in stories and photos. Even today I usually take my camera with me where ever I go, because I find that I’m more focused on the moment: I see the beauty of an average place, the majesty in an average person – I even create moments I want to capture.  As a professional photographer, I capture milestones for families and individuals and help organizations and entrepreneurs showcase what they do.  Feel free to have a look around and contact me for more info! 


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latest projects

For those who participated in our neighborhood #frontporchproject, click on the photo to log in to the gallery. If you weren’t home when we came around and still want a photo, text me at 801-317-7597.

ky & kannah


Ky & Hannah, our son and daughter-in-law. I remember when they were first dating, they jokingly said their “couple name” was Kyannah. Would they, will they, name a little girl this name? I guess we won’t know for awhile, since they are having a boy, and his name is … Ryker.